Today, the need for unity and collaboration is as great as it has ever been. On April 7, join us through prayer and giving to lift up the NAE’s mission to bring evangelicals together for the common cause of the gospel.

Coming Together

In 1942, the world was experiencing unprecedented turmoil, chaos and division. Into that context, evangelical leaders came together to form the National Association of Evangelicals, believing that together they could make a greater impact for the gospel of Jesus Christ in the world.

On the occasion of the NAE’s 80th anniversary on April 7, would you join us in lifting up the NAE’s mission to bring evangelicals together for the common cause of the gospel? During this inaugural NAE Giving Day, we will come together to pray that God would increase our impact for his glory and to invite others to partner with us in giving.

The NAE is where denominations, relief organizations, universities, nonprofits, churches and individuals come together to collaborate, not compete with one another. As members of the Body of Christ, we also join hearts and hands with sisters and brothers in Christ around the world. We believe the gospel of Jesus Christ should transform every aspect of the world, and it takes coming together to make that happen.

During this season of Lent, and in the midst of the war in Ukraine, we lament our brokenness and cling to the cross of Jesus Christ. The orientation of our lives according to the reality of the cross is one of the hallmarks of evangelical identity. Dying to self and self-interest, we seek to live in community — with and for others before God. We seek to act together in common cause of the gospel for the common good.

Join the NAE on April 7 through prayer and financial gifts for greater unity and collaboration in the Body of Christ, and as a result, a clearer presentation of the gospel to a broken and hurting world.

Matching Gift Challenge

Up to $10,000 in matching gifts can be unlocked between 12:00 a.m. and 11:59 p.m. on April 7. Every gift counts!


Prayer Points

We welcome your prayers throughout the day. Here are a few prayer points to start:

  • In a divisive climate, pray for the NAE to be peacemakers as a unifying force for the gospel, bringing evangelicals from many different traditions together in a spirit of love and collaboration.
  • Pray that evangelicals would be deeply renewed in their love of God and love of neighbor.
  • As our nation grapples with many challenges, pray that God would empower the Church to be a winsome witness and an Influence for Good.
  • Pray for the people of Ukraine, that God would pour out his mercy and grace in this great hour of need. For all those who are suffering and have lost loved ones, pray that God would be powerfully present to them. Together, we ask God to thwart Russian aggression and bring an end to the conflict.


“In a time of great division and confusion, it is vital to stand united in mission with other devoted Christ-followers. The National Association of Evangelicals makes this unity possible. Because of the NAE, we are inspired and equipped to live out our faith with passion, and to boldly give voice to biblical truth that has the power to transform lives, communities and the world.”

Tami Heim

President & CEO
Christian Leadership Alliance